Leading the Way
in Medical Aesthetic Innovations
Alteon Technologies is at the forefront of the medical aesthetics industry, providing state-of-the-art machines for aesthetic treatments.

With years of experience and a commitment to quality, we offer cutting-edge solutions designed to meet the needs of medical professionals and beauty experts worldwide.
Pioneering Aesthetic Solutions with QUANTLIFT, LUMINIR, and ICYONYX Technologies
Experience the seamless integration of technical precision and high-performance solutions with Alteon
World’s biggest breakthrough
in intelligent energy delivery
The groundbreaking Intelligent Resistive Energy delivery technology that is revolutionizing skin treatment for clinicians and patients.

The World’s Biggest Breakthrough in aesthetic technology for Intelligent Skin Rejuvenation.
Revolutionary near infrared light (NIR) system for rapid radiance
Introducing LUMINIR™, the groundbreaking aesthetic platform that harnesses the power of Photon Energy to effectively address a variety of skin concerns, deliver rapid glow solutions for a comprehensive, transformative treatment experience.

LUMINIR™ CRYSTAL LIGHT is the world’s first infrared thermolifting device harnessing the power of 1360 nm (NIR) wavelength to deliver instant, visible skin tightening and an unparalleled glass glow.
Next-Generation Cryotherapy Device Powered by NASA inspired proprietary YOVOTM Technology
The ICYONYX CRYOBLAST is an Avant-Garde cryotherapy platform specially designed for the beauty and aesthetics industry.

Leveraging proprietary YOVOTM technology, this innovative system delivers exceptional results in skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, and youthful radiance.
Discover Alteon Academy, our dedicated training center for doctors and their staff, where we impart in-depth knowledge of our innovative technologies.

With extensive training provided both on-site and at our academy locations across India, Alteon Academy ensures that medical professionals are equipped with the expertise to maximize the potential of our cutting-edge solutions, delivering exceptional results for their patients.
Introducing Alteon Technologies, an established leader in the medical aesthetics industry, renowned for its state-of-the-art machines for aesthetic treatments. With a deep understanding of market needs and the latest breakthroughs in the field, our comprehensive portfolio of products ensures that our offerings remain at the forefront of aesthetic technology.
For over two decades, Alteon Technologies subsidiaries have been trusted global suppliers of advanced medical equipment components.

Building on our extensive experience and expertise in manufacturing, Alteon started designing and producing machines that exemplify effectiveness, reliability, durability, and user-friendliness.
Our brand serves leading doctors and aestheticians across the world, including the UK, Poland, USA, Vietnam, Indonesia, Africa, and the UAE, ensuring that our state-of-the-art aesthetic machines remain their preferred choice for delivering exceptional results. By seamlessly blending science and engineering, we focus on developing and integrating cutting-edge solutions that cater to a wide range of aesthetic treatments.
Our dedication to creating versatile, high-quality machines is driven by the desire to revolutionize the medical aesthetics landscape and enhance the experiences of medical professionals, beauty experts and customers alike.

Trust in Alteon Technologies' experience, global reach, and unwavering dedication to quality as we continue to shape the future of medical aesthetics.
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