Next-Generation Cryotherapy Device Powered by NASA inspired proprietary YOVOTM Technology
The ICYONYX CRYOBLAST is an Avant-Garde cryotherapy platform specially designed for the beauty and aesthetics industry. Leveraging proprietary YOVOTM technology, this innovative system delivers exceptional results in skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, and youthful radiance.
Cryostimulation and cryotherapy are innovative techniques that harness the power of extreme cold to elicit positive physiological biochemical responses in the skin, body, and overall well-being
On exposure to cryogenic temperatures, the brain releases hormones such as adrenaline and endorphins, which further stimulate the immune system and influence the nervous system. These natural physiological responses facilitate cell rejuvenation, strengthen immune functions, and promote regenerative functions.
Stimulation of new collagen production
Enhanced oxygenation and nourishment for the skin and subdermal tissue
Efficient detoxification for a revitalized appearance
Reinforcement of collagen fibers for firmer, more supple skin
Alleviation of pain and discomfort by reducing inflammation
Improved skin clarity by reducing skin discoloration
Avant-garde NASA inspired
Yttrium Oxide Ventilated Optimization (YOVO) technology
The YOVOTM platform amalgamates jet engine cooling principles, closed-loop cooling circuits, and state-of- the-art safety features to provide ultra-cold air with unparalleled efficiency, precision, and safety.

The Yttrium Oxide Ventilated Optimization (YOVOTM) technology functions by utilizing yttrium oxide's exceptional thermal properties.
Yttrium oxide's heat resistance and low thermal conductivity enable rapid ambient air cooling. As air flows through the YOVOTM system, it contacts yttrium oxide, swiftly dissipating heat and achieving cryotherapy temperatures.
Transformative Beauty and Aesthetic Outcomes at Your Fingertips
features & benefits
Instantly firmer, smoother, and more youthful skin
Enhanced skin tone, texture, and complexion
Noticeable skin tightening for a toned refined look
Reduced puffiness for a fresh and revitalized look
Relaxed facial muscles for a stress-free appearance
Boosted skincare product absorption
Manage rosacea with decreased inflammation
Boost in Collagen Production
Lymphatic drainage to combat fluid retention
Overall wellness and mood enhancement
Application and treatment
Skin conditions to apply with
Say goodbye to breakouts and blemishes as ICYONYX targets acne-causing bacteria, reduces inflammation, and promotes clearer skin.
Achieve a more even skin tone and diminish the appearance of dark spots and discoloration with ICYONYX's targeted treatments.
Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Turn back the hands of time as ICYONYX stimulates collagen production, smooths out fine lines, and restores a youthful appearance.
Dull Skin
Reveal your natural radiance with ICYONYX's revitalizing treatments that exfoliate dead skin cells, boost circulation, and promote a healthy, glowing complexion.
Dryness and Dehydration
Restore moisture and hydration to dry, thirsty skin with ICYONYX's deep hydration therapy for a plump, supple, and nourished complexion.
Uneven Texture
Smooth out rough patches and achieve a silky-smooth skin texture with ICYONYX's transformative treatments that refine and rejuvenate the skin's surface.
Revolutionizing Adjunct Therapies in Aesthetic Medicine
Cryotherapy, specifically cryostream air, has emerged as a valuable adjunct in aesthetic medicine, offering several advantages when combined with injectables, laser hair removal, RF, and intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments.
This state-of-the-art cooling technology surpasses conventional ice numbing techniques and is designed to precisely and efficiently cool the epidermis before, during, and after a range of aesthetic treatments.
Treatment efficacy enhancement
Infection prevention
Patient satisfaction improvement
Adverse effect reduction
Analgesic Efficacy
Thermal injury prevention
10-inch Multi-Color Display

High-Grade Engineered Housing

No Consumables

Customizable Settings

Advanced YOVOTM Compressor

Flexible Long Hose
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