The World’s Biggest Breakthrough in intelligent aesthetic technology for Exceptional Skin Rejuvenation.

The groundbreaking Intelligent Resistive Energy delivery technology revolutionizing skin treatment for clinicians and patients.
Harnessing a proprietary algorithm and real-time sensor data, it accurately measures negative charge on the skin to dynamically adapt device settings to optimize treatment parameters for outstanding results for skin rejuvenation.

Elevate your practice and harness the power of QUANTLIFT intelligent for exceptional, targeted skin tightening and rejuvenation.
Revolutionizing Skin Rejuvenation with Precision and Personalization
QUANTLIFT represents a monumental leap forward in the world of skincare, offering unique innovations that redefine skin treatment capabilities.
Utilizing a proprietary sensor, QUANTLIFT accurately measures skin impedance values, which serve as a crucial indicator of skin health. This data is then processed through an advanced algorithm that intelligently adjusts treatment settings based on the skin's current condition, ensuring the optimal energy delivery needed for each patient's unique situation.
Precision Skin Health Assessment with Proprietary Sensors and Algorithms
Personalized Energy Delivery for Exceptional Skin Rejuvenation Outcomes
By tailoring the energy output to match the specific needs of the skin, QUANTLIFT technology provides a highly targeted, efficient approach to skin restoration. This revolutionary method empowers medical professionals to deliver unparalleled results, while minimizing patient discomfort and expediting the healing process. With QUANTLIFT, you can trust in the transformative power of innovative, data- driven skincare solutions.
Achieving Skin Harmony through the Synergy of Positive and Negative Charge
Targets areas with higher negative particle concentration

Optimal Energy Delivery and Benefits:
Algorithm adjusts energy output for individual needs for efficient
and targeted approach to skin rejuvenation
QUANTLIFT Technology
Accurate skin impedance value measurements

Enhanced Precision and Control:
Enabling doctors to deliver unparalleled results while minimizing patient discomfort and expediting the healing process.
Proprietary Sensor & Algorithm
  • Complex matrix of structural proteins
  • Collagen loss leading to wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging
Dermis and Collagen
  • Disrupted negative charge distribution
  • Imbalance between positive and negative ions
Charge Imbalance in the Skin
Enhanced precision and control
Advantages for Dermatologists and Patients:
Minimized patient discomfort and expedited healing
Superior treatment efficacy and personalized settings
Improved patient satisfaction and outcomes
A Versatile Solution for Comprehensive Skin Rejuvenation
features & benefits
QUANTLIFT offers a non-surgical facelift solution with no downtime, revitalizing and lifting facial tissues by stimulating collagen production and restoring the skin's natural balance.
Face Lifting
Skin Tightening
By focusing on areas with higher negative particle concentration, QUANTLIFT promotes collagen restructuring and regeneration.
Fat Reduction
QUANTLIFT's targeted energy delivery helps break down fat cells, stimulating the body's natural metabolic processes to eliminate unwanted fat deposits.
Deep Tissue Firming
QUANTLIFT's technology penetrates deep into the dermis, targeting and revitalizing the underlying tissue structures.
Wrinkle Reduction
The technology stimulates collagen production and targets areas with disrupted charge distribution due to collagen degradation.
Application and treatment
3 Probes Diverse Treatment Possibilities
Precision-engineered to target facial tissues, promoting collagen production and skin rejuvenation for a refreshed, youthful appearance.

Face, Neck, Arms
Face Probe
Body Probe
Optimized for body contouring and fat reduction, this handle effectively targets larger areas, delivering tailored energy to eliminate unwanted fat deposits and tighten skin.

Abdomen, Thighs, Upper back, Buttocks, Love handles, Upper arms, Knees
Sensitive Probe
Designed with delicate skin in mind, this handle gently treats sensitive zones, providing precise energy delivery with safety cutoff and customized treatments for maximum efficacy.

Eyes, Mouth Area, Décolletage, Submentum, Hands, Forearms, Outside Genetelia
QUANTLIFT's advanced technology offers a wide range of applications, addressing various skin concerns with tailored treatments for each individual. Its innovative approach to skin rejuvenation can effectively be used.
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